Canada Casinos Bonuses:

If you've been doing online gambling for quite some time now, you ought to know already, that it is only natural that Canadian or other wagers would look for the best casino bonus to play with. It has basically become one of the most important factor when choosing a site. What you may not know, is that even among these types of promotions, there are those which you'll want to get more than the others. It's also a matter of preference, which means that slot lovers may prefer a different bonus than those who love skill-based games like table games or card games.

It is highly likely that you know about promotions but, there's a chance that you don't know it in depth. If this has made you nod your head in agreement, continue reading in this page as we provide explanations on the best casino bonus to look out for, when you're searching for your Top 10 Canadian Casinos.

What Are Match-up Deposits?

Perhaps, the most common promotion you'll see as soon as you enter the waging market, includes those bonuses with percentage up to a certain extent of deposit. This match-up promotion has already become a staple option in the market, and would always come with a certain wagering requirement for you to meet before you get your real money payout.This traditional promotion may seem complex but, what it basically means is that you'll get a certain amount of free credits to play with, in proportion with the deposit you've made.

Cashable and Non-Cashable Match-up

In continuation of the match-up promotion, these two subtypes refer to how much you can withdraw from your winnings. When you get a free credit, you'll be required to clear a play-through for both the deposit and the bonus. After you've cleared the play-through, that's when the difference between the two becomes more apparent. The Cashable basically pertains to those which allows you to withdraw even the free credits left on your account. The non-cashable is the opposite, and you'll only be able to withdraw the winning amount along with the remaining deposit amount if you want to.

No Deposit Promotion

Canada Casino Bonuses

This is particularly more preferred by the numerous players online. It should be obvious that this requires no deposit compared to the promotions above. It may either come in the form of free spins for specific slots or it could be in the form of free credits, which you could play with on table games. There are always conditions though, and it is best that you understand those conditions right off the bat.

Cashback Bonus

Canada Casino Bonuses

This is more often than not, included in web-based waging establishment loyalty programs. Through it, you'll be able to get percentage of your losses back in the form of real money credit. This minimizes your losses and could even provide you with other opportunities to win hard cold cash.

VIP Bonus

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If you view yourself as a high-roller, then you'll likely want to have more exclusive bonuses that high-rollers like you deserve. VIP programs of websites often come in tiered system just like loyalty programs, and this would provide you with bonuses that are exclusive to high rollers only.


It should have become apparent that promotions are more than just free credits to play with, as it comes with a system that you should be aware of, to fully maximize it. Bear in mind though, that as you search for more advantageous promotions to satiate your waging cravings, never neglect to stick only with top10 sites that are popular, trusted and provides quick real money payouts.