Canadian Gambling Laws Explained

Within the last few years, the Canadian gambling industry has seen various developments in its online and offline casino scenes. This has resulted in the emergence of numerous betting operators, which attract a huge number of tourists every year. Besides generating government revenue, the industry has created jobs for thousands of Canadian citizens.

This industry generates over 16 Billion Dollars in revenue annually - In fact, the lottery has also moved online, where players can buy lottery tickets legally. This is a clear indication that this particular industry is only going to grow bigger. The Gaming Summit held each year discusses various gambling laws and e-gaming developments in Canada.

Canadian Gambling Laws

Canadian Gambling Laws

Some decades ago, the gambling laws in Canada were very strict - the criminal code that was conceded in 1892 only allowed limited forms of wagering. The code has been amended severally to try and accommodate more forms of betting.

In 1970, the Criminal Code saw major amendments that eased up things a great deal. As a result of this, the very first commercial betting house in Canada was founded in 1989. Today, you'll find various betting establishments spread across the provinces, which are owned and run by local governments. Here, players can bet on their favorite sports and earn real cash lawfully. Additionally, the government also owns and operates a number of profitable lotteries.

Online Wagering in Canada

Canadian Gambling Laws

Online gambling laws within this region have been controversial as well. Many folks can't tell whether or not it's legal to engage in online wagering activities. Going by the historical facts, not a single citizen has ever been prosecuted or charged for participating in such activities.

The government has given the mandate to provincial authorities to regulate online wagering within their regions. As a matter of fact, you'll come across numerous game sites owned and operated at the provincial level - these casinos are licensed by the local government, which makes it perfectly legal to wager or buy lottery tickets online.

What will get you into trouble, however, is offering any form of gambling to Canadian citizens without proper permits from the authorities. The laws on this are crystal clear.

Offshore Casinos Gambling Laws

Canadian Gambling Laws canada

When it comes to offshore Canadian casinos, that's where things get interesting - these are the betting houses whose servers are hosted in foreign countries, yet offer wagering services to residents of Canada. This would seem unlawful under the laid down laws and regulations; however, if the operator is based in a country that accepts online betting, they aren't breaking any laws.

What you should be concerned about when using offshore operators is their credibility - because Canadian gambling laws do not apply in such cases. It is, therefore, in your best interest to consider only the registered and licensed casinos.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

This is a well-respected online gambling regulatory body situated on the Indian reserve of Kahnawake territory. It licenses gaming sites that wish to offer services to Canadians and the global market. Previously, there have been concerns regarding the legality of this organization. However, Kahnawake is a self-governing nation, meaning the Canadian government has no authority here.